Read Our Stories While We Celebrate Giving Back to Community



Congratulations to Debbie and Art Murray

Debbie is the first of hopefully many employees to utilize the new “Home Purchase Program” offered by Splashers Grill and partnered with Hawaii Sunset Realty. A new benefit designed for long time employees secure their roots here in Hawaii, the home purchase program is unprecedented. When we first partnered with Nancie Matens the Owner/Broker of Hawaii Sunset Realty, we scoured the internet looking for other companies that offer their employees home buying assistance, but we found zippo. In the true spirit of coming together to be a part of the fabric of this community and do something to benefit people who work so hard we designed our own program with Splashers and Hawaii Sunset Realty both contributing toward the down payment and closing cost of a new hale. Now, Debbie and Art have their own house and yard to truly call home.


Feeding The Locals, Nourishing Our Community

Splashers Grill took 1st place winning the Golden Pig Award at the Pig- N- Swig Bacon Cook Off to help Kona Rotary Club raise money for local scholarships.
We are proud that Splasher’s Grill is a fixture of the local Kona community as well as a popular tourist dining attraction. As a family owned and operated business, we live, work, and play here in Kona. We don’t just feed the locals…we are the locals!

We can’t tell you how much we love being part of this community and how much we appreciate all the locals who make Splasher’s Grill a part of their daily or weekly routine. That’s why we make an effort to support local organizations that help strengthen our community, protect the neediest among us, celebrate our diversity, defend our freedom, and make Kona a great place to live.

Don’t be surprised to see our owners and the food you love at local charity events for the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, West Hawaii Children Services, Hawaii Island United Way, Wounded Warriors Foundation, and many other events.

We believe that keeping our community strong means taking an active interest, and we’re not afraid to put our food where our mouth is! Below is a short list of the local organizations that Splasher’s Grill is proud to support.